Tuesday, 25 May 2010

"Here comes the summer..." once again!

You can put away your winter with its christmas, snow, darkness and bitter coldness and you can put away your Spring with its Easter, teasing weather and always breezy even when its a clear blue sky. Summer is in town the now and like many of us its the time when everybody loves each other and are in harmony...sounds abit gay but it is true, everybodys happier in the summer time and this is the only time in the year that everybody looks forward too.
In summer, everything is happening, we have music festivals go to (for a small fee...hah jk, like £200something) but despite the hefty prices it does seem to deliver a very unique and vibrant energy within these people who do fork out so i suppose the music festivals deliver what they pay for. It annoys me that im 17 and havent been to such a thing yet...mind you i would rather go at 18something instead of being a wee kid now and going, i doubt that wee little noobs wont stand even an hour in the likes of T in the Park or Reading.
Also we have the World Cup and the Olympics every like 4 years and the next Olympics being in London in two years time should bring great interest and bring us out of our beemends in those one so often "summer lazy days" and make the trip to London for the the Olympic atmosphere. As for the World Cup, yes it returns! Everybody loves the world cup surely...woman love it for the wags, we love it for the football it delivers and others just...well like it i suppose? Cant really hate the world cup can you? It brings all these nations as one, its beautiful. But Englands bid to host this competition in 2018 should be intruiging, even though they've had the head of it all making an epic blunder that Lord Triesman made. Anyway not the point, i hope england get elected just for the obvious reason of top class international football coming to british shores, so i could have plans for that summer.
My best memories of me enjoying the summer to its very best must of been 4 years ago when i went to Venice as part of my holidays for a week. Venice is such a nice place to go, like yeah its a tad smelly at parts like us humans but nethertheless the city is certianly amazing. When we were there David Gilmour was playing live at St Marks Square so yeah that was certainly a suprise but a good one of course.
Summer is just the time when people are at their most happiest naturally, when the nights are day'ish until like half 11, the weather is "mostly" compariable to spains and we get leathered to celebrate it...Let the summer role on karma, dinnie be a douche now.

Tuesday, 18 May 2010


College blogging topic today...eating? Okay then

Anyway yeah eating, we eat practically everyday and is the norm for us really. People like us who really don't take the privilege if eating for granted are lucky (even check that guy with the fatty burger, cor blimey!) mostly the Americans not showing their gratitude really. They have the highest obese rates in the world and yes their highly religious of the Christianity made believe and "PREY GAWD!! and THANK JEBUS!!!" for their constant fatty meals and foods their then creating salad dodgers with fatty appetites who just "Nom Nom Nom" at the nearest McDees for like every brekkie, lunch and dinner...possibly supper too.
Its an epidemic yes but c'mon its their own fault really, infact that word "epidemic" is a key word in this touchy subject of eating. Actually i just find it a tad ridicolous that the yanks are stating their rife obesity rates (which BTW was their own fault by eating constant day in day out) as an epidemic when the real "epidemic" is the rates of people who are not eating enough or not at all (such as Africa etc) good 'o' US of A yeah? Bloody yanks.
But i mean there are some of us are not able to eat enough or just basically cant, which is a really big problem. Its just so sad and mad to see the people who live in continents in Africa starv to death everyday, espeicially kids who havent lived a full rich life to their late ages, and as well as starving to death they have the highest HIV/AIDS rates on top of that too. Its absolutely shocking, like thats all i can say about it, and the yanks just mostly eat for kicks and waste food also. Nah sorry but America being a very well bloody wealthy country and all that jazz, why cant they give nopt just money and medical supplies but just simply...food? Just alot of food? Same with us, we can get into it too...infact every wealthy country going just give food...a cheeky number of fish suppers? KFC's? McDonalds? Chinese? Indian? Sandwhiches? Just any food possible! Shouldnt be so hard should it?
End it now...poverty is not needed

Tuesday, 11 May 2010

If i won the lottery...

Now the phrase that we use very often "If i won the lottery..." is said so many times, we say it to see mentally what our lives can be like with all that money in our pockets. But what would you actually do if you won the lottery? Would you splurge it all on booze, cars and woman? Or would you be generous and give it to charities? Even just throwing it away for kicks? Many people throughout here in Britannia and all over the world say many things that they would do with lottery winnings but here's what i would do if i won for example...lets say £99million

1.Putting significant money greatly in Raith Rovers. Raith at the moment are on a steady boat but that boat is rocking severly in the waves of recession and pressure to please fans including myself. I feel as a fellow follower to the Rovers that if we had multi million financial backing it would obviously improve our club alot of course but to build a new lease of life for the club too. A all new seater stadium (without commercial naming rights!) , improvement of training facilities, improvement of the buisness jazz side of the Rovers and more organisation, Just improvement all round and be a more respected side in Scottish football.

2.£5million in charity. Yes its cliche but yeah i would put money in charity but not just that, basically invest greatly on cures and life improving materials. Charities for anyone...not just children who are suffering from cancer and other children suffering with deadly diseases but men and woman everywhere who are suffering (finding the cures)

3. Giving £100,000 each to my family members. Just a lovely gesture really...

4. Money improving Kirkcaldy. Lets face it Kirkcaldy isnt exactly Dundee or Glasgow and in Fife there isnt really a glamourous spot. But i would say £20million improving "Kdy" would put it right on the map. Kirkcaldy is quite well known already but in most cases known for the wrong reasons and Kirkcaldy is actually not a bad town but it just needs alot more contribution in the redevelopment area. We need a major investment in Kirkcaldy and to take that money and spent it on major improvements such as the high street (50 shops today are as of empty down there) the facilites for the youth of Kirkcaldy, leisure for the locals of Kirkcaldy, improve housing in badly run areas like Link Street and demolishing horrible block flats and build modern flats as well as getting rid of those horrible war time council houses and building not "copy and paste" modern houses but unique designs for each housing. Also improving the music scene here...full stop, major improvements needs done in this department and today bands from here are finding it impossible to get discovered. If we spent money in the music scene then there will be better venues for these bands to play in, then gaining more popularity and eventually gaining interest by big music types...well maybe, depends how good they are.

5.The rest on myself. Sorry but i do need some to myself dont i? I would spend it on a big house, fast car, big telly etc etc...just the cliche really.

Yep...thats the plan if that was ever to happen

Tuesday, 4 May 2010

Elections are coming, brace yourself!

Here we are again, election year, and we have again the fight of the super trio between the Lib Dems, Labour and Conservatives. Each election year its just the same old campaigning and with the same old three head runners but of course different leaders most of the time. In fact 5 years ago last election year i was at a young age and i didnt really have a opinion on politics, i did consider it a boring and in some cases a ranty subject, but as i got older i got more open minded and i did become more interested in politics and now in 2010 when its an election year im watching the news and reading the papers more frequent for not just for the sports but now for the politics. This years election is an intriguing one due for its first ever televised debates which are not enjoyable to watch without any hecklers but them to show off their interect skills in front of our public is quite funny, talking with their hands mostly. This year proves to be the most important due to the recent scandals of expenses which were rife last year when we were facing and living through the worst recession in 30 years. Trust was certainly lost in my eyes, as well as loyalty and heart in politics was gone too and for me when i watch Clegg, Cameron and Brown attempting to convince voters to vote for them all i see is lies and betrayal. The fight for the election sees Labour about to be knocked out by a KO blow for the race due to basically stupid blunders such as Bigotgate and the Tweets scandal, as well as Gordon being not a right leader since being the successor of Tony Blair in 2007. So its basically this fight is now a one on one between the Lib Dems and the Conservatives and they are swinging with blows and hits...well with their own promices which by im sure they wont deliver whovever gets elected.
There is change needed, we need change and the country needs change...but who will deliver that change is the key

The learning and teaching gateway...a wee cheeky good use of tech :D

Our College's learning and teaching gateway is pretty okay...i say okay meaning that yeah its a great use of technology and its very useful but i don't really have a opinion on it one way or the other. Basically it includes tabs such as the "home" tab with the 5 college departments which you click on and gives you hot links and announcements for each one, as well as this a events list telling you when holidays are which is pretty good. There is a "classes" tab where this gives you the information on what you have to do for that class which trust me is very bloody useful! Last semester i did use it alot to see if i was on track and it helped me quite muchly. Other than that there is a "Help&Support" tab which is self explanitary however its perfectly layed out with specific topics.
Basically its overall a great tool for us students to use, its brilliant :D
P.s we were told to blog about this haha
Thanks x