Tuesday, 23 February 2010

Back in the day...bullying

This week i read the story about our pm Gordon Brown about allegations of bullying, apparently to the staff of Downing street. We all have to remember these are all "allegations" not the exact truth but if the allegations were to be true then I'm sorry there certainly should be a new leader and cabinet, a whole new shake up. Bullying has always been a major issue basically everywhere...in our schools, colleges, workplaces...they always have a policy on bullying but to have rumours of bullying in the government of the highest order is out of the question. We just cant have that going on especially if they are meant to "clean Britain up".
Nevertheless we have charities, hotlines and events to try and tackle bullying out of society but in all honest truth we do have a long way to go. There has been progress don't get me wrong but not much and lets face it you are always going to have that class bully, playground bully...basically the bollock who thinks he's the cool kid and just acts like an absolute plonker by "gaining respect" for beating up the smaller kids. Back in the early days of primary school it was quite tough for me, for obvious reasons with the ginger hair. I was like full on proper, carrot, futures bright futures orange ginger...also the side effects of the pale skin and freckles. I did have it rough but back then like 11 years ago there was not much done at all, i think now there has been a tad more progress done to attempt the tackling of bullying but i don't think its not much. Luckily I'm not a target of the bully's anymore but i do know that bullying still exist and instead of me being the victim I'm more of the person who tries to stop all that crap happening, because life is meant to be enjoyable and for those who try to harass others (ruining their lifes) then they should be stopped.

Tuesday, 16 February 2010

Brit awards 2010...oh very dear

Once again the brits will be on the telly...and its the 30th edition! *shocked epic face*
So basically its going to be the same old glory hunting of music awards but with probibly show their "greatest moments EVURRRR" or something to show their 30th ceremony. As per usual the most brain dead successful acts (just popularity...thats all it counts here) are up for the best brit album, single, male, female etc etc yadda yadda yadda. To be honest i just think that the brit awards is a big lowsy gimmick. As we all saw last year Susan Boyle was the music senation that made quite an impact, her album sales went up the roof, internet hits booming and became a household name. Unfortunately for Susan when we the british public adored her (and most of us still do) she got told that she would not appear on the brit awards, basically by judging on appearance, Even more basic...just not cool enough. Sorry but how the bloody hell is musical talent judged on bloody looks? Its like the brits dont rate talent but just popularity and looks. Its a gimmick for the fact that not only for judging on appearance and popularity but for the some sort of this fascism which values the "Brain dead youth" instead of the real, raw, immense talent that is out there waiting to be acknowledged. Just sickens me that this so called "prestigic acknowledgement of musical *talent*" awards show is just a scam and just used for financial gain. Brits are disgusting...like the british emblem of drunken brits vomiting on the ground, stained on the pavements. you can shove your brits, im not watching.

Tuesday, 9 February 2010

College work on monday...other blogg searches

For today i had to search rather interesting bloggs that appeal to me so here are 10 of them i looked at...groovy stuff!

1. "The Jock Steady Crew" Focus Skateshop. I was quite addicted to this blog before settling in at college. They promote all they're new products and what have ya and there is that little bit extra to it. They also upload vids by there suppliers such as Obey or Nike SB from YouTube, most of which are awesome to watch, and some other little random vids of basically...anything, as well of posting whatever they find awesome and wicked. Its an really happy blog and if you are a fan of they skateboarding scene or you are an skateboarder yourself or even if you want just some computer banter i would highly recommend this blog, check it out.

2."My Fave Bit" Massimo Zeppetelli. I saw this blog whilst on this great search of...blogs. The title of this blog is self explanatory, he writes about his favourite bits in songs which i find interesting indeed however to me he introduces bands and artists i have never heard of and thats what i love, instead of everything being in the mainstream, and i will look these bands up and yeah...they're pretty good. Massimo's blog is unique and now im addicted to it haha. Keep up the good work!

3."Failblog" Icanhaz.com. Do i need to say more? Literally almost everyone worldwide has had a wee giggle on this site, showing fail'ures with a tad of wins with it. Many of the "fails" are hilarious and once you visit this site your hooked, its just so funny. When its pictures of fail or videos of fail, your guaranteed a laugh

4."Once Upon A Win" Icanhaz.com. Another site from the "Icanhaz" collective which i find ledge. Once upon a win is when anything in the past which everyone loved and cherished is once again is brung into the limelight. It makes you say "OMG! I remember that, that was epic!" and brings back so many memories, especially if you are an 90's kid like myself haha.

5."Epic win, FTW!" Icanhaz.com. Once again Icanhaz makes it on my list, this time with Epic win, FTW! This is just brilliant, it just shows truelly remarkable objects and sculptures and photos of true quality. Whenever its a free guitar pick machine, a jeep creating music or even a picture of who is really in RD-D2, you will love this no matter what!

6."The Football Blog" The-football-Blog.co.uk. Im in love with football, its just my sport, its awsome, but this blog site is great for all of us football fans. Its created by fans for the fans and that may sound cliche but this blog is certainly one of the best for the fans own opinions. Theres not much on Raith Rovers but nevermind haha, mon the rovers!

7."Tattoo Blog" tattooblog.org. Im hoping in a years time i should get my first tattoo and the designs you see are just amazing, if you ever watch Miami Ink you'll know what i mean, But what if you were searching for that one design you've been after? then i would recommend this blog. Almost got every design under the sun from trbal to political to japanese, you'll find it here.

8."Football Shirt Blog" Football shirt culture.com. As well as art and music being two of my most loves design is another major interest of me and when the new football season approaches im just dying to see what the new designs are on football teams kits. This site is perfect for those like me who love design and football. Im just interested to see what the new kits are for Raith Rovers and Arsenal but when you see new posts of a team you havent even heard of you just click it anyway and see. You can get the brilliant kits however you can get those "WTF?!" ones that make you go "oh dear" brillant blog.

9."Banksy Blog" banksygraffiti.blogspot.com. I love art and i think any art blogs will be the same, but if your a fan of banksy then you are going to love the blog of banksy. Banksy's work has always been immaculate yet cotroversial but its always great to look at. Banksy's work can be seen here.

10."Crooks and Liars blog" crooksandliars.com. Politics, politics, politics...dont we just hate it? Politicans are now a nationwide joke here in Britain and lost all of our respect and trust. Well here in this blog you can let that anger out. Its mainly American politics but we all hate those bloody republicans dont we? and that triumphant win of Barack Obama. This blog is all about politics but more easier to understand for those who want to rant away.

The end!!!
Taraa x

Tuesday, 2 February 2010

Social networking, what would we do without them?

Facebook, Twitter, Bebo, Myspace. These are just some of the big name social networking sites that have basically almost took over our lifes and i for one am a guilty corporate. Many folk around the planet are literally hooked by their constant urge to see how many "tweets" they have recieved on twitter or if their status on facebook is liked upteen times and just go for a daily stalk on their ex's profile. To think that 10 years ago we never had no such thing as a facebook or a twitter to sort of "enhance" our social lifes. We did at one point phone up or meet to organise outings and shenanigans, now as the a new decade approaches, 2010 or the 10's whatever its called now! We just login to our facebook, twitter or bebo and simply type in less of a minute some plans and its been like this for what 5 years now? Aswell in the new decade its official, texting on phones is just not enough for us anymore and now social networking sites have blasted their way onto our phones with the ultra cool wi-fi and what have yah, to be quite frank its getting a tad ridicoulous. Why isnt logging into computers enough? Its feels like we need this when in reality we actually dont, let the phones do all the txting and phoning and keep the social networking on the computer. Im a fan of advancing technology but we need some things to be untouched surely? Anyway on that note ladies and gentleman i dont judge, so happy networking, blogging and stalking. Taraa!