Tuesday, 8 June 2010

The art of blogging...wait the art?

For the past 10 or something years the internet form of a log or journal to what we all know as a "Blog" has slowly gained popularity until today in 2010 it has became an normality in our lives, well to the people who have access to the interwebs so 37.4 million of us its an normality anyway.
The first sightings of a blog came around in the 1990's where it was basically a normal basic diary of users writing in them of what happens in their lives. So instead of getting a normal diary and jotting down "this and that happened" and "Oh jeez, the girl who i would die for just slapped me" users would instead type this in a Weblog and let the whole world see what they were doing...not that someone would be sad enough to log in everyday to see what some average joe done that day. It did catch on of course, people were enjoying this new found phenomenon.
Then after people started to get bored of typing online diaries of themselves, "journos" started to use blogs for their news updates and other journalist jazz and this was somewhat a breath of fresh air for users online, seeing something different other than some geezer write "Woke up, had a bit of toast, gone stabbed myself with a butter knife but im okay now" and now seeing online newspapers in a sense.
But after this users of blogs thought it would be totally wicked to start of their own journalist dreams and blog on their own findings of news and write their own reviews on basically anything to do in the media. By this stage blogging did spread like a virus and more and more users continued to type on and on about constant news and media, eventually ignoring the journalists and gaining followers of their own.
So now to this day what we're seeing now in blogging is now just random jarkin being typed up really. Like of course you still have your diary writers and your independent journalism (some of which are bloody interesting!) but in recent months and years there are now dedicated blogs to all types of topics such as music, fashion, sports, games, technology and even shops having blogs on products and jazz surrounding their own buisness. Its not neccessary sad but at times some of blogs that surround us today are just not needed and are considered a tad pointless with no intellectual merit, however are just interesting to see whats on their blog.
Blogging isnt certainly an art form of course, its just typing into a white box just like writing in a lined bit of paper, but with the thanks of tech blogs are much more interesting on whats on newspapers now due to video uploads, music uploads, flash games, image uploads and pop culture thriving on them. I feel that we all are going through a intriguing phenominon with these blogs as we can easily look through other blogs, fish out other ones that relate to our main interests and have a freedom to write whatever we wish as well as expressing ourselves in the comfort of interwebs.
I like this...

Tuesday, 1 June 2010

Oh hey 2 year old child, is that a cigerette in your mouth? On your 40th one this day? Never...

And i thought i heard it all, well nah im only 17, but a 2 year old baby in Indonesia smoking cigarettes?! Think that isnt bad enough? Despite this "baby" smoking he smokes 40 cancer sticks a day! This is just absolutely shocking...like i cant put my head around this, its just bloody mental. The father of this child gave him his first cigarette at 18 months! C'mon something like that should be illegal surely. Sorry but what was going through the dads thick head that made him think to give his 18 month son a cigarette, just unbelievable...like this just seems something from Family Guy or something.
The quote from the mother...
“He’s totally addicted. If he doesn’t get cigarettes, he gets angry and screams and batters his head against the wall. He tells me he feels dizzy and sick.”
Great bloody parenting at its best here ladies and gents.
In a nutshell...parents are at fall for actually giving their child a cigerette, bloody idiots...poor child.

What are you scared of?

The lecturer asks us this morning...and of course everybody has to be scared of something right? Well put aside Chuck Norris, but in reality everybody is scared of something. Even if its a flock of cats or a flock of sheep there will be something that gets people creeped. Im personally scared of death (who isnt eh?), old age (again who isnt...), spiders, a random figure(s) at a distance in a really dark night if we're all out, unprovoked violence and heights i suppose.
Probably one of my most epic fears is of course death. Personally for my reasons of me scared of death is because like death is basically the final curtain call, like the end of it all and the scary fact is that we dont have a clue on what the afterlife is going to be like. It could be that same old theory of heaven and hell in which if we lived a life in sin your going to be living in fire for all eternity or if we were goodie super christians, "Saying bloody is swearing!", good for nothing grasses then your going to go to the curly gates...wait a min i mean that if you lived a honest, non sinful life then your granted to the curly gates? I think thats the catch. You know what nah...that just doesnt sound right. Im not christian (nor am i an atheist) so i choose in my own philosophy cause i dont like the occaisional religion brainwashing mm'kay? Anyway philosophy is that we live in anyway we choose, yes you do get the occaisional little demons who do run amuck but i mean just common people who do live a good life, earn a honest living, believed in anything they wanted, chose to do whatever they wanted whilst not being selfish, being somewhat of a "Ledge" to many people and on their deathbed say as their last words "I lived such an amazing life..." When we do die i feel that if your life has felt worth living then your granted to a place a wee bit like heaven...only without the christianess of it, like a constant 24/7 enternity funfest and live in the afterlife in peace and harmony forever really.
Anyway yeah that in spiders...dislike the buggers, arachnophobia isnt good if im being honest.
Live life, you get me.

Tuesday, 25 May 2010

"Here comes the summer..." once again!

You can put away your winter with its christmas, snow, darkness and bitter coldness and you can put away your Spring with its Easter, teasing weather and always breezy even when its a clear blue sky. Summer is in town the now and like many of us its the time when everybody loves each other and are in harmony...sounds abit gay but it is true, everybodys happier in the summer time and this is the only time in the year that everybody looks forward too.
In summer, everything is happening, we have music festivals go to (for a small fee...hah jk, like £200something) but despite the hefty prices it does seem to deliver a very unique and vibrant energy within these people who do fork out so i suppose the music festivals deliver what they pay for. It annoys me that im 17 and havent been to such a thing yet...mind you i would rather go at 18something instead of being a wee kid now and going, i doubt that wee little noobs wont stand even an hour in the likes of T in the Park or Reading.
Also we have the World Cup and the Olympics every like 4 years and the next Olympics being in London in two years time should bring great interest and bring us out of our beemends in those one so often "summer lazy days" and make the trip to London for the the Olympic atmosphere. As for the World Cup, yes it returns! Everybody loves the world cup surely...woman love it for the wags, we love it for the football it delivers and others just...well like it i suppose? Cant really hate the world cup can you? It brings all these nations as one, its beautiful. But Englands bid to host this competition in 2018 should be intruiging, even though they've had the head of it all making an epic blunder that Lord Triesman made. Anyway not the point, i hope england get elected just for the obvious reason of top class international football coming to british shores, so i could have plans for that summer.
My best memories of me enjoying the summer to its very best must of been 4 years ago when i went to Venice as part of my holidays for a week. Venice is such a nice place to go, like yeah its a tad smelly at parts like us humans but nethertheless the city is certianly amazing. When we were there David Gilmour was playing live at St Marks Square so yeah that was certainly a suprise but a good one of course.
Summer is just the time when people are at their most happiest naturally, when the nights are day'ish until like half 11, the weather is "mostly" compariable to spains and we get leathered to celebrate it...Let the summer role on karma, dinnie be a douche now.

Tuesday, 18 May 2010


College blogging topic today...eating? Okay then

Anyway yeah eating, we eat practically everyday and is the norm for us really. People like us who really don't take the privilege if eating for granted are lucky (even check that guy with the fatty burger, cor blimey!) mostly the Americans not showing their gratitude really. They have the highest obese rates in the world and yes their highly religious of the Christianity made believe and "PREY GAWD!! and THANK JEBUS!!!" for their constant fatty meals and foods their then creating salad dodgers with fatty appetites who just "Nom Nom Nom" at the nearest McDees for like every brekkie, lunch and dinner...possibly supper too.
Its an epidemic yes but c'mon its their own fault really, infact that word "epidemic" is a key word in this touchy subject of eating. Actually i just find it a tad ridicolous that the yanks are stating their rife obesity rates (which BTW was their own fault by eating constant day in day out) as an epidemic when the real "epidemic" is the rates of people who are not eating enough or not at all (such as Africa etc) good 'o' US of A yeah? Bloody yanks.
But i mean there are some of us are not able to eat enough or just basically cant, which is a really big problem. Its just so sad and mad to see the people who live in continents in Africa starv to death everyday, espeicially kids who havent lived a full rich life to their late ages, and as well as starving to death they have the highest HIV/AIDS rates on top of that too. Its absolutely shocking, like thats all i can say about it, and the yanks just mostly eat for kicks and waste food also. Nah sorry but America being a very well bloody wealthy country and all that jazz, why cant they give nopt just money and medical supplies but just simply...food? Just alot of food? Same with us, we can get into it too...infact every wealthy country going just give food...a cheeky number of fish suppers? KFC's? McDonalds? Chinese? Indian? Sandwhiches? Just any food possible! Shouldnt be so hard should it?
End it now...poverty is not needed

Tuesday, 11 May 2010

If i won the lottery...

Now the phrase that we use very often "If i won the lottery..." is said so many times, we say it to see mentally what our lives can be like with all that money in our pockets. But what would you actually do if you won the lottery? Would you splurge it all on booze, cars and woman? Or would you be generous and give it to charities? Even just throwing it away for kicks? Many people throughout here in Britannia and all over the world say many things that they would do with lottery winnings but here's what i would do if i won for example...lets say £99million

1.Putting significant money greatly in Raith Rovers. Raith at the moment are on a steady boat but that boat is rocking severly in the waves of recession and pressure to please fans including myself. I feel as a fellow follower to the Rovers that if we had multi million financial backing it would obviously improve our club alot of course but to build a new lease of life for the club too. A all new seater stadium (without commercial naming rights!) , improvement of training facilities, improvement of the buisness jazz side of the Rovers and more organisation, Just improvement all round and be a more respected side in Scottish football.

2.£5million in charity. Yes its cliche but yeah i would put money in charity but not just that, basically invest greatly on cures and life improving materials. Charities for anyone...not just children who are suffering from cancer and other children suffering with deadly diseases but men and woman everywhere who are suffering (finding the cures)

3. Giving £100,000 each to my family members. Just a lovely gesture really...

4. Money improving Kirkcaldy. Lets face it Kirkcaldy isnt exactly Dundee or Glasgow and in Fife there isnt really a glamourous spot. But i would say £20million improving "Kdy" would put it right on the map. Kirkcaldy is quite well known already but in most cases known for the wrong reasons and Kirkcaldy is actually not a bad town but it just needs alot more contribution in the redevelopment area. We need a major investment in Kirkcaldy and to take that money and spent it on major improvements such as the high street (50 shops today are as of empty down there) the facilites for the youth of Kirkcaldy, leisure for the locals of Kirkcaldy, improve housing in badly run areas like Link Street and demolishing horrible block flats and build modern flats as well as getting rid of those horrible war time council houses and building not "copy and paste" modern houses but unique designs for each housing. Also improving the music scene here...full stop, major improvements needs done in this department and today bands from here are finding it impossible to get discovered. If we spent money in the music scene then there will be better venues for these bands to play in, then gaining more popularity and eventually gaining interest by big music types...well maybe, depends how good they are.

5.The rest on myself. Sorry but i do need some to myself dont i? I would spend it on a big house, fast car, big telly etc etc...just the cliche really.

Yep...thats the plan if that was ever to happen

Tuesday, 4 May 2010

Elections are coming, brace yourself!

Here we are again, election year, and we have again the fight of the super trio between the Lib Dems, Labour and Conservatives. Each election year its just the same old campaigning and with the same old three head runners but of course different leaders most of the time. In fact 5 years ago last election year i was at a young age and i didnt really have a opinion on politics, i did consider it a boring and in some cases a ranty subject, but as i got older i got more open minded and i did become more interested in politics and now in 2010 when its an election year im watching the news and reading the papers more frequent for not just for the sports but now for the politics. This years election is an intriguing one due for its first ever televised debates which are not enjoyable to watch without any hecklers but them to show off their interect skills in front of our public is quite funny, talking with their hands mostly. This year proves to be the most important due to the recent scandals of expenses which were rife last year when we were facing and living through the worst recession in 30 years. Trust was certainly lost in my eyes, as well as loyalty and heart in politics was gone too and for me when i watch Clegg, Cameron and Brown attempting to convince voters to vote for them all i see is lies and betrayal. The fight for the election sees Labour about to be knocked out by a KO blow for the race due to basically stupid blunders such as Bigotgate and the Tweets scandal, as well as Gordon being not a right leader since being the successor of Tony Blair in 2007. So its basically this fight is now a one on one between the Lib Dems and the Conservatives and they are swinging with blows and hits...well with their own promices which by im sure they wont deliver whovever gets elected.
There is change needed, we need change and the country needs change...but who will deliver that change is the key

The learning and teaching gateway...a wee cheeky good use of tech :D

Our College's learning and teaching gateway is pretty okay...i say okay meaning that yeah its a great use of technology and its very useful but i don't really have a opinion on it one way or the other. Basically it includes tabs such as the "home" tab with the 5 college departments which you click on and gives you hot links and announcements for each one, as well as this a events list telling you when holidays are which is pretty good. There is a "classes" tab where this gives you the information on what you have to do for that class which trust me is very bloody useful! Last semester i did use it alot to see if i was on track and it helped me quite muchly. Other than that there is a "Help&Support" tab which is self explanitary however its perfectly layed out with specific topics.
Basically its overall a great tool for us students to use, its brilliant :D
P.s we were told to blog about this haha
Thanks x

Tuesday, 27 April 2010

MIA's new music video...

Is so completely shocking and just...omg. Basically the video portrays a world where gingers are being beaten and executed in quite a graphic manner. To be honest i find this plot for the music video a tad all silly and being ginger myself I'm not offended by the video but yeah it is quite terrifying to see a bunch redheads being beaten and then blown up by the police, of course most videos like this are usually terrifying and disturbing. Its also scary to think that things like this are not necessary happening to us here in Britain or in the states but somewhere in the world horrible things like this may be happening, i really hope not but the world is a huge place...anything can happen nowadays.
Nevertheless the song is actually pretty good despite the horrific and graphic video. Heres a link...


Be warned its really graphic!

A flying car...what soon?...Really?!

I discovered this story on current.com about an invention of a possible flying car by 2015. Being astounded i read more and it stated...
"by 2015 U.S. soldiers will be able to ride into battle aboard a four-person flying car that can cruise in the air like an airplane, drive on the ground like an SUV, rove 250 miles on one tank of fuel and not require a runway to get airborne."
U.S soldiers? Wait why do they need flying cars? We want them dammit! Ah wait...
"The Transformer will give troops the ability to avoid traditional and unconventional threats such as ambushes and Improvised Explosive Devices (IEDs) and road obstructions. DARPA envisions a variety of use-case scenarios for the TX, including strike and raid, interdiction, intervention, insurgency/counterinsurgency, reconnaissance, medical evacuation and logistics supply."
Oh okay fair enough...so you has ask how much the Yank government are chipping into this? "$54 million"
Okay 54mill for a flying car like on the jetsons with a cheeky bit of extra gadgets to be helpful in fighting/killing. That's what we all need...more technology for military use, sorry but why cant they use all of that $54million for the good of their nation and the world and try and invent multiple flying cars for our use? You know for the general public? instead of splungering it on bloody military use once again. This is just a great example of how bad things are nowadays, making such unwise decisions. Better yet put that money into the worlds disastrous poverty and get rid of the whole disaster, feed them, clothe them and get poverty stricken countries such as Africa right on their feet and then have time to invest in a flying car once all of the nations are in hand and hand together and everything is wicked. Just do not know why people in government are ignoring poverty and investing right away in things such as a...flying car.
Welcome to the new decade folks!

Tuesday, 30 March 2010

Jack Vettriano Homecoming

The "Days of Wine and Roses" exhibit came to Kirkcaldy this weekend, the 27th of March, and will be here until the 2nd of May...Wicked! :D. Me and my family being of course admirers to Jack Vettriano's work we headed to the museum to see his new work first hand. His new material is excellent and it was brilliant to see a massive turnout at my local museum & art gallery however saying this, the que was so bloody long! Like almost at the train station entrance, luckily i was fortinate enough to be in line at the library entrance. When the doors opened at 2 the line moved quite rapidly which was not that bad, despite the pouring rain. We went purposly on the Sunday for the appearance of Jack himself doing a book signing but when approaching the entrance we were told that he suffered from a migraine and unfortinately he could not attend his own shingdig. I have to say honestly i was gutted that i couldnt see one of my influences at the exhibition, that was mostly why i went, but migraines are a bitch, i have suffered from a couple in my lifetime so far and they hurt so bad so i would of definately done the same and just try and recover at home. However with his absence the exhibition was still amazing, i had a great time just pondering and admiring his work. I was also thrilled that the exhibition came here to Kirkcaldy first and not London, i mean what pride to have it here first, this just shows that Jack has not forgotten his roots despite his huge success, and for that i say thanks to him, to a fellow Langtorian to an other. Overall...just excellent to have here in Kirkcaldy.

Tuesday, 16 March 2010

Possibly the biggest debate in scotland...youth and booze, christ...

Here in Scotland an old issue has been raging for aages upon ages...no its not independence from the old enemy, nor is it the control of major decisions such as what Westminister manages...such as the extermination of the ASBO chavvy gits (thats a pun, not seriousness) But no the biggest raging yawn upon yawn ranting debate is *drumroll* ALCOHOL!!!
Yes alcohol beats the likes of independence and discussions of getting more power in the debating chambers. Fair play it is an important subject and yes not just Scotland thats discussing about it, basically the whole of Britain is the european union's "town drunk" However saying this the amount of times that the government has tried to tackle this widespread issue and showing little effect is not really a suprise. For so long now some of the youth young as the age of 10 are starting to hit the hard stuff and getting wasted and as a 17 year old myself i do find this extremly tragic and horrifying. To be honest if i was a middle aged parent of a 10 year old i would certainly not let he or she out with their mates who i dont trust (you know like one of those odd, perculiour ones who are bound to get in trouble) and go out at 10 at night getting leathered.
I suppose parents can be the blame for not keeping an eye on their spouces, but saying this its not right to put 'all' the blame on the parents. I mean you have to think of the advertising of alcohol. On the television adverts for alcohol seem to glamorise drinking, like "DRINK ME, IM AWSOME" and the people who are drinking the alcoholic beveridges are enjoying it, smiling and having a thrill of a time. Its like its giving a message that the only way to really enjoy yourself is downing alcohol. As well as adverts, you have the commercialism of it, which is probably the epicenter of this disaster. Cornorshops, bars and clubs, they all do it. 2 for 1, 3 for 1, this was £15.00 now a £Fiver!!! Stuff like that. They bombard the casual cosumer with these bargains and offers of booze and for the greedy shop owners and fat cats of clubs and bars they get filthy stinking rich by the binge drinkers, ravers, the youth and the children buying the poison.
A story two years ago actually made me splatter my morning cup of tea. To read about a primary seven pupil of a Kirkcaldy Primary school (oh god the shame and embarrassment) who mixed alcohal with juice is just ashtonishing and shocking. Mean this is what Judy Hamilton the Labour councillor for Kirkcaldy had to say, "I think it's worrying that she's been able to get hold of this alcohol." Well erm...no s**t, of course its bloody worrying, look around you fool, we are unfortinately a drinking nation where you can go and get booze for as less as £2.something and you ever tried to walk in Cornorshops? Deary me...
In a nutshell this is an disaster, an epidemic where the youth are relying on booze to have a great time where in the great outdoors there is many facilities for the youth to have fun and take part of something they are interested in such as football, music or even just socialising. Alcohol is still going to ranted about in parliament, how this disaster can be resolved...but they dont the realise that while their ranting the kids are drinking away and harming themselves. Something has to be done...unfortinately im obviously not the being to end it but someone out there must have some grant idea of tackling this problem for good...theres just got to be.

Tuesday, 9 March 2010

Lochgelly getting a makeover...about time?

For those who dont have a foggiest what or where Lochgelly is...its a small town in Fife with a estimated population of 6,834 and as most parts of Fife it was a mining town until the industry died away in the 60's...becoming now what we call, a common crudd hole. Lochgelly is not exactly Park Lane, theres that sense of fear when walking around its dyer streets, aswell as this theres a strong minky musk that just makes you want to have a shower after returning back home out of Lochgelly.
Now i havent been through to Lochgelly in a long, long time but the last time i was there all i saw was chavs, chavs, more intimidating chavs, OAPS, ASBOS and chavvy trashy parents. Heck probs the best car that rolls on the streets in Lochgelly would probably be a...Vauxhall Nova?
I would rate Lochgelly as one of the worst towns in Fife (Glenrothes being the other) and if i saw Lochgelly and Glenrothes in a fistfight i would think they would both fall down in a drunken heap.
However, i've heard some news about Lochgelly getting a major...MAJOR makeover by some yank who created "the seaside" in Florida and is going to give the "good o US of A" treatment in Lochgelly...good luck with that Robert Davis *facepalm
In all seriousness im hoping this will bring a excellent outcome, making Lochgelly a prosperous and superiour town in the later years to come. Lochgelly is in extreme desperation for a major facelift and this will be a very long process but with patience, trust, will and determination...the wait will pay off, significantly.

Tuesday, 2 March 2010

NME Awards 2010...possibly the best ever?

I love everything about NME and the annual awards show is always a treat to watch...but this years one (the first of this decade) was brilliant telly. I would have to say that this years one was certainly up there as the best. You had Jarvis Cocker presenting, The Specials recieving outstanding contribution and Paul Weller awarded the godlike genious award. When you thought that it just cant get any better than that, you then had Kasabian peforming with Noel Fielding being "Vlad" parading around in comical style, The Specials also peforming ^^, Biffy then The Big Pink...then Hole ¬ ¬. I loved seeing cringe herself Lady GaGa awarded best&worst dressed, creased like, then JLS for worst band (BLOODY CLASS!!) then Jonas Brothers again! awarded the worst album second year in a row. For the Phillip Hall Radar Award i congrat The Drums for achieving the award, they are a brilliant band...give "let's go surfing" a listen ^^
Unlike the bloody Brits i did feel that all of the NME awards went to those who truelly deserved it and unlike the bloody Brits it was just so entertaining. The brits was truelly a fail (it always is) and thank fuck we have NME, and NME delivering such a good telly program.
Overall it was sheer quality, loved every min of it...what a music award show should be :)

Its "officially" spring!!!

Its now official...its spring time! From yesterday spring made a long anticipated return to our lives and yesterday here in Fife there was a slightly better contrast of weather as well as being a bright blue sky. The sun was shining bright yet we did still have that cold breeze but i didnt care, i was just happy that it was March and its starting to get warmer! The sky last night was really immaculate also, full moon, no clouds and bright stars...perfect start for spring.
But i didnt really know that spring started at this month, i always thought it was April, but after research yeah its this month it officially starts. Spring is like the decent season in the year. We get warmer, coldness fades away, bright blue skys, bright sunshine, much lighter at evenings and everybody is happy peoples. Like winter is a bollock...who actually likes winter? Apart from if your birthday is in winter, if your a fan of snow, and christmas ^^. But put them aside and you just get cold, damp, numbness, colds, flu, bugs, darkness...basically winter is just the depressing season, the emo of the year.
Its bloody brilliant spring is here! After a drabb winter (again) we can look forward to the brilliant weather we're going to have in weeks to come.

P.s 28th of March...change the bloody clocks an hour forward...we have to ;)


Tuesday, 23 February 2010

Back in the day...bullying

This week i read the story about our pm Gordon Brown about allegations of bullying, apparently to the staff of Downing street. We all have to remember these are all "allegations" not the exact truth but if the allegations were to be true then I'm sorry there certainly should be a new leader and cabinet, a whole new shake up. Bullying has always been a major issue basically everywhere...in our schools, colleges, workplaces...they always have a policy on bullying but to have rumours of bullying in the government of the highest order is out of the question. We just cant have that going on especially if they are meant to "clean Britain up".
Nevertheless we have charities, hotlines and events to try and tackle bullying out of society but in all honest truth we do have a long way to go. There has been progress don't get me wrong but not much and lets face it you are always going to have that class bully, playground bully...basically the bollock who thinks he's the cool kid and just acts like an absolute plonker by "gaining respect" for beating up the smaller kids. Back in the early days of primary school it was quite tough for me, for obvious reasons with the ginger hair. I was like full on proper, carrot, futures bright futures orange ginger...also the side effects of the pale skin and freckles. I did have it rough but back then like 11 years ago there was not much done at all, i think now there has been a tad more progress done to attempt the tackling of bullying but i don't think its not much. Luckily I'm not a target of the bully's anymore but i do know that bullying still exist and instead of me being the victim I'm more of the person who tries to stop all that crap happening, because life is meant to be enjoyable and for those who try to harass others (ruining their lifes) then they should be stopped.

Tuesday, 16 February 2010

Brit awards 2010...oh very dear

Once again the brits will be on the telly...and its the 30th edition! *shocked epic face*
So basically its going to be the same old glory hunting of music awards but with probibly show their "greatest moments EVURRRR" or something to show their 30th ceremony. As per usual the most brain dead successful acts (just popularity...thats all it counts here) are up for the best brit album, single, male, female etc etc yadda yadda yadda. To be honest i just think that the brit awards is a big lowsy gimmick. As we all saw last year Susan Boyle was the music senation that made quite an impact, her album sales went up the roof, internet hits booming and became a household name. Unfortunately for Susan when we the british public adored her (and most of us still do) she got told that she would not appear on the brit awards, basically by judging on appearance, Even more basic...just not cool enough. Sorry but how the bloody hell is musical talent judged on bloody looks? Its like the brits dont rate talent but just popularity and looks. Its a gimmick for the fact that not only for judging on appearance and popularity but for the some sort of this fascism which values the "Brain dead youth" instead of the real, raw, immense talent that is out there waiting to be acknowledged. Just sickens me that this so called "prestigic acknowledgement of musical *talent*" awards show is just a scam and just used for financial gain. Brits are disgusting...like the british emblem of drunken brits vomiting on the ground, stained on the pavements. you can shove your brits, im not watching.

Tuesday, 9 February 2010

College work on monday...other blogg searches

For today i had to search rather interesting bloggs that appeal to me so here are 10 of them i looked at...groovy stuff!

1. "The Jock Steady Crew" Focus Skateshop. I was quite addicted to this blog before settling in at college. They promote all they're new products and what have ya and there is that little bit extra to it. They also upload vids by there suppliers such as Obey or Nike SB from YouTube, most of which are awesome to watch, and some other little random vids of basically...anything, as well of posting whatever they find awesome and wicked. Its an really happy blog and if you are a fan of they skateboarding scene or you are an skateboarder yourself or even if you want just some computer banter i would highly recommend this blog, check it out.

2."My Fave Bit" Massimo Zeppetelli. I saw this blog whilst on this great search of...blogs. The title of this blog is self explanatory, he writes about his favourite bits in songs which i find interesting indeed however to me he introduces bands and artists i have never heard of and thats what i love, instead of everything being in the mainstream, and i will look these bands up and yeah...they're pretty good. Massimo's blog is unique and now im addicted to it haha. Keep up the good work!

3."Failblog" Icanhaz.com. Do i need to say more? Literally almost everyone worldwide has had a wee giggle on this site, showing fail'ures with a tad of wins with it. Many of the "fails" are hilarious and once you visit this site your hooked, its just so funny. When its pictures of fail or videos of fail, your guaranteed a laugh

4."Once Upon A Win" Icanhaz.com. Another site from the "Icanhaz" collective which i find ledge. Once upon a win is when anything in the past which everyone loved and cherished is once again is brung into the limelight. It makes you say "OMG! I remember that, that was epic!" and brings back so many memories, especially if you are an 90's kid like myself haha.

5."Epic win, FTW!" Icanhaz.com. Once again Icanhaz makes it on my list, this time with Epic win, FTW! This is just brilliant, it just shows truelly remarkable objects and sculptures and photos of true quality. Whenever its a free guitar pick machine, a jeep creating music or even a picture of who is really in RD-D2, you will love this no matter what!

6."The Football Blog" The-football-Blog.co.uk. Im in love with football, its just my sport, its awsome, but this blog site is great for all of us football fans. Its created by fans for the fans and that may sound cliche but this blog is certainly one of the best for the fans own opinions. Theres not much on Raith Rovers but nevermind haha, mon the rovers!

7."Tattoo Blog" tattooblog.org. Im hoping in a years time i should get my first tattoo and the designs you see are just amazing, if you ever watch Miami Ink you'll know what i mean, But what if you were searching for that one design you've been after? then i would recommend this blog. Almost got every design under the sun from trbal to political to japanese, you'll find it here.

8."Football Shirt Blog" Football shirt culture.com. As well as art and music being two of my most loves design is another major interest of me and when the new football season approaches im just dying to see what the new designs are on football teams kits. This site is perfect for those like me who love design and football. Im just interested to see what the new kits are for Raith Rovers and Arsenal but when you see new posts of a team you havent even heard of you just click it anyway and see. You can get the brilliant kits however you can get those "WTF?!" ones that make you go "oh dear" brillant blog.

9."Banksy Blog" banksygraffiti.blogspot.com. I love art and i think any art blogs will be the same, but if your a fan of banksy then you are going to love the blog of banksy. Banksy's work has always been immaculate yet cotroversial but its always great to look at. Banksy's work can be seen here.

10."Crooks and Liars blog" crooksandliars.com. Politics, politics, politics...dont we just hate it? Politicans are now a nationwide joke here in Britain and lost all of our respect and trust. Well here in this blog you can let that anger out. Its mainly American politics but we all hate those bloody republicans dont we? and that triumphant win of Barack Obama. This blog is all about politics but more easier to understand for those who want to rant away.

The end!!!
Taraa x

Tuesday, 2 February 2010

Social networking, what would we do without them?

Facebook, Twitter, Bebo, Myspace. These are just some of the big name social networking sites that have basically almost took over our lifes and i for one am a guilty corporate. Many folk around the planet are literally hooked by their constant urge to see how many "tweets" they have recieved on twitter or if their status on facebook is liked upteen times and just go for a daily stalk on their ex's profile. To think that 10 years ago we never had no such thing as a facebook or a twitter to sort of "enhance" our social lifes. We did at one point phone up or meet to organise outings and shenanigans, now as the a new decade approaches, 2010 or the 10's whatever its called now! We just login to our facebook, twitter or bebo and simply type in less of a minute some plans and its been like this for what 5 years now? Aswell in the new decade its official, texting on phones is just not enough for us anymore and now social networking sites have blasted their way onto our phones with the ultra cool wi-fi and what have yah, to be quite frank its getting a tad ridicoulous. Why isnt logging into computers enough? Its feels like we need this when in reality we actually dont, let the phones do all the txting and phoning and keep the social networking on the computer. Im a fan of advancing technology but we need some things to be untouched surely? Anyway on that note ladies and gentleman i dont judge, so happy networking, blogging and stalking. Taraa!